Solid-Liquid-Mixer NONFOOD

For gentle mixing


INDAG solid-liquid mixer type DLM/FS is used for continuously mixing of liquids with solid components. Solid components could be from fine powder up to 20 mm particle size.
Usually share of liquid is higher compared to share of solid component. Mixing process in INDAG DLM/FS is very gentile. Particles and shear sensitive liquids – like foams – will not be damaged.

A few examples of applications are: Mixing of fibers or powder into polymers; mixing of pigments into carrier material, mixing of granulate into liquids; …


Advantages of DLM/FS

  • Very good self cleaning during CIP-cleaning
  • Homogenously mixing of small concentrations (0,1% mixing ratio); very homogenous mixing result.
  • Energy efficient mixing process
  • Mixing energy can by changed by frequency inverter
  • Temperature increase less than 1°C
  • Gentile mixing of shear sensitive products
  • Easy dismounting for manual cleaning

Technology of DLM/FS

INDAG solid-liquid mixer consists of a feeding zone (a helical screw) and a mixing zone (rotor with round mixing elements). Liquids and solid components will be metered into feeding zone. Helical screw will feed components into the mixing zone. Inside mixing zone all components will be gently and homogenously mixed. At outlet connection mixture will flow almost pressure less (max. 0,5 bar) into a hopper or feeding pump. Stator and rotor can be executed with double jacket for heating or cooling. INDAG DLM/FS mixer can be CIP cleaned. Dynamic sealing can be a double acting mechanical seal or a food grade stuffing box seal. DLM/FS mixer is not ATEX compliant.


Pressure levels
6 bar, DLM/FS mixer creates max. pressure of 0.5 bar, depending on viscosity of mixture

1.4301 (AISI 304), 1.4404 (AISI 316 L)

Double acting mechanical seal; stuffing box seal

DIN, ANSI, JIS, Tri Clamp

Rotational speed
100 rpm to 300 rpm

100 l/h to 7,000 l/h

0 °C to 150 °C

1 mPas to 1,000,000 mPas

Mixer sizes and capacities of DLM/FS

Type DLM/FSUnit2345
capacity*t/h100 - 800500 - 2.0001.000 - 3.6001.500 - 7.000
power*kW1,5 - 2,22,2 - 44 - 7,55,5- 11
rotational speed*1/min150 - 300150 - 300100 - 200100 - 200
*depends on product
Subject to technical modifications.

Dimension drawing of DLM/FS

* depends on the drive
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