Intensive Inline Mixer NONFOOD

For challenging mixing applications



INDAG intensive inline mixer type DLM/S is used for effective mixing, emulsifying, dispersing and aerating of fluids, solids and gases. Shear rate of DLM/S is of medium level compared to DLM/H homogenizer.
A small selection of examples for applications are: continuous production of emulsion of oil + water + emulsifier; dispersion of oil + acid; emulsion of silicon-oil + water + emulsifier; dispersion of polymer + high pressure steam; foam of latex + vulcanizer + gelling agent; mixture of bitumen + polymer modified bitumen + acid + adhesive; mixture of plastic melts (PET, PA, PE, PMMA) + additives; mixture of vegetable oil + methanol + methylate.


Advantages of DLM/S

  • Very good self-cleaning during CIP-cleaning
  • No pressure loss
  • No blockage
  • Very homogenous mixing result even for extreme concentration ratios
  • Efficient introduction of mixing energy
  • Mixing energy can be changed variable and adapted to product or capacity changes

Technology of DLM/S

INDAG mixer type DLM/S consists of star shape mixing elements on rotor and in stator (mixer casing). Star shape design is extremely robust to allow mixing of highly viscous products (70,000,000 mPas). Mixing energy is introduced efficiently into product. It is possible (as an option) to heat or cool rotor and stator. INDAG mixer DLM/S is designed in a modular way. A single acting mechanical seal can be changed to double acting mechanical seal without change of mixer. INDAG mixers are designed likewise for explosive range and products (ATEX).

Horizontal or vertical position of mixer is possible

Pressure levels
6 bar, 10 bar, 16 bar, 25 bar, 40 bar, 100 bar, 160 bar

1.4301 (AISI 304), 1.4404 (AISI 316L), 1.4539 (AISI 904L), 1.4462 (AISI 318), PVDF, PTFE, Teflon 3.6 coated, Tantal coated, 1.0421 (AISI 106-A)

Single acting mechanical seal; double acting mechanical seal; stuffing box seal; magnetic coupling; visco seal

EN, DIN, ANSI flange

Rotational speed
100 rpm to 3,600 rpm

50 l/h to 120,000 l/h

0 °C to 350 °C

1 mPas to 70,000,000 mPas

Mixer sizes and capacities of DLM/S

Type DLM/S ... ST**Unit123456
rotational speed*1/min200-3.600200-3.600200-1.800200-1.800200-1.5001.500
mixing stages KB5DLM/S-105 KBDLM/S-205 KBDLM/S-305 KBDLM/S-405 KBDLM/S-505 KBDLM/S-605 KB
mixing stages KB10DLM/S-110 KBDLM/S-210 KBDLM/S-310 KBDLM/S-410 KBDLM/S-510 KBDLM/S-610 KB
mixing stages LB10/15DLM/S-110 LBDLM/S-215 LB    
mixing stages LB20 DLM/S-220 LBDLM/S-320 LBDLM/S-420 LBDLM/S-520 LBDLM/S-620 LB
mixing stages LB30  DLM/S-330 LBDLM/S-430 LBDLM/S-530 LBDLM/S-630 LB
*depends on product ** Type designation ST = standard execution has been left out within the table.
Subject to technical modifications.

Dimension drawing of DLM/S with bearing block (LB)

DLM/S-120 LBmm4871382501300
DLM/S-220 LBmm5081653121700
DLM/S-320 LBmm5141803852000
DLM/S-420 LBmm5472104602100
DLM/S-520 LBmm5732424602200
* depends on the drive

Dimension drawing of DLM/S compact version (KB)

DLM/S-110 KBmm327138148855
DLM/S-210 KBmm348165148799
DLM/S-310 KBmm354180190968
DLM/S-410 KBmm3872101901030
DLM/S-510 KBmm4132422181092
* depends on the drive
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