Intensive Inline Mixer FOOD

For challenging mixing applications

INDAG intensive inline mixer type DLM/S is used for effective mixing, emulsifying, dispersing and aerating of fluids, solids and gases. Examples of applications are: mixing of egg yolk, oil and vinegar solution to create a premixture for mayonnaise production. Another example is aeration of marshmallows. In this case egg white, a sugar syrup and air is mixed to achieve a fine-pore foam. DLM/S mixers homogenously mix caramel sugar syrup of glucose-fructose syrup with very small quantities of aroma and color. Process cheese is produced with DLM/S mixers by boiling up cheese with high pressure steam.


Advantages of DLM/S

  • Very good self-cleaning during CIP-cleaning
  • No pressure loss
  • No blockage
  • Very homogenous mixing result even for extreme concentration ratios
  • Efficient introduction of mixing energy
  • Mixing energy can be changed variable and adapted to product or capacity changes
  • Execution with double jacket and further connections possible
  • Suitable for highest viscosity

Technology of DLM/S

INDAG mixer type DLM/S consists of patented star shape mixing elements on rotor and in stator (mixer casing). Star shape design is extremely robust to allow mixing of highly viscous products (> 10,000,000 mPas). Mixing energy is introduced efficiently into product. It is possible (as an option) to heat or cool rotor and stator. INDAG mixer DLM/S is designed in a modular way. A single acting mechanical seal can be changed to double acting mechanical seal without change of mixer.

Horizontal or vertical position of mixer is possible

Pressure levels
6 bar, 10 bar, 16 bar, 25 bar, 40 bar

1.4301 (AISI 304), 1.4404 (AISI 316 L)

Single acting mechanical seal; double acting mechanical seal; even in aseptic execution

Dairy connections according to DIN 11851, DIN 11864, Tri Clamp, SMS

Rotational speed
100 rpm to 1.800 rpm

50 l/h to 120,000 l/h

0 °C to 200 °C

1 mPas to 10,000,000 mPas

Mixer sizes and capacities of DLM/S

Type DLM/S... HY**Unit123456
rotational speed*1/min200-3.600200-3.600200-1.800200-1.800200-1.5001.500
mixing stages KB5DLM/S-105 KBDLM/S-205 KBDLM/S-305 KBDLM/S-405 KBDLM/S-505 KBDLM/S-605 KB
mixing stages KB10DLM/S-110 KBDLM/S-210 KBDLM/S-310 KBDLM/S-410 KBDLM/S-510 KBDLM/S-610 KB
mixing stages LB10/15DLM/S-110 LBDLM/S-215 LB    
mixing stages LB20 DLM/S-220 LBDLM/S-320 LBDLM/S-420 LBDLM/S-520 LBDLM/S-620 LB
mixing stages LB30  DLM/S-330 LBDLM/S-430 LBDLM/S-530 LBDLM/S-630 LB
*depends on product ** Type designation HY = food execution has been left out within the table.
Subject to technical modifications.

Dimension drawing of DLM/S with bearing block (LB)

DLM/S-220 LBmm4981553121700
DLM/S-320 LBmm5091753852000
DLM/S-420 LBmm5422054602100
DLM/S-520 LBmm5752444602200
DLM/S-620 LBmmon requeston requeston requeston request
* depends on the drive

Dimension drawing of DLM/S compact version (KB)

DLM/S-205 KBmm258155158773
DLM/S-305 KBmm269175190883
DLM/S-405 KBmm302205190945
DLM/S-505 KBmm3352442181004
DLM/S-605 KBmmon requeston requeston requeston request
* depends on the drive
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