Dynamic Inline Mixer NONFOOD

For gentle mixing

INDAG dynamic inline mixer type DLM/M is used to mix homogeneously a diversity of liquids. Even shear sensitive liquids or liquids with high solid content can be mixed. Only DLM/M rotor is equipped with mixing elements. Stator is without mixing elements. Therefore even fibrous particles will not lead to blockage of mixer. A small selection of examples for applications are: Mixing of sewage sludge + polymer solution; mixing of paper sludge + polymer solution; mixing of sewage sludge + high pressure steam; mixing of caustic lye + water; mixing of lubricant + additive; mixing wax + additive; mixing of aerated foams + additive without reducing quality of foam.


Advantages of DLM/M

  • Very good self-cleaning during CIP-cleaning
  • No pressure loss
  • No blockage entwining (clog) free
  • Very homogenous mixing result
  • Mixing energy can be changed variable and adapted to product or capacity changes

Technology of DLM/M

INDAG inline mixer type DLM/M has only mixing elements on rotor and no mixing elements in stator (mixer casing). Rotor can be equipped with mixing elements of different geometry. Geometry depends on product to be mixed. INDAG mixer DLM/M is designed in a modular way. A single acting mechanical seal can be changed to double acting mechanical seal without change of mixer. INDAG mixers are designed likewise for explosive range and products (ATEX).

Horizontal or vertical position of mixer is possible

Pressure levels
6 bar, 10 bar, 16 bar, 25 bar, 40 bar, 100 bar

1.4301 (AISI 304), 1.4404 (AISI 316L), 1.4539 (AISI 904L), 1.4462 (AISI 318), PVDF, PTFE, Teflon coated, Tantal coated

Single acting mechanical seal; double acting mechanical seal; stuffing box seal, magnetic coupling

EN, DIN, ANSI flange

Rotational Speed
100 rpm to 1,800 rpm

50 l/h to 120,000 l/h

0 °C to 300 °C

1 mPas to 1,000,000 mPas

Mixer sizes and capacities of DLM/M

Type DLM/M ... ST**UNIT123456
connectionDN40-8050 -10065-15080 -200100-250125-300
optionalASME1,5” -3”2”-4”2,5”-6”3”-8”4”-10”5”-12”
rotational speed1/min100-1.800100-1.800100-1.800100-1.800100-1.000100-1.000
*Capacity depends on product. ** ST = standard execution
Subject to technical modifications.

Dimension drawing of DLM/M with bearing block (LB)

DLM/M-1 LBmm3401382501500
DLM/M-2 LBmm3761653121700
DLM/M-3 LBmm4671803851900
DLM/M-4 LBmm5692104602200
DLM/M-5 LBmm6522424602500
* depends on the drive

Dimension drawing of DLM/M compact version (KB)

DLM/M-1 KBmm340138158892
DLM/M-2 KBmm376165170998
DLM/M-3 KBmm4671801901081
DLM/M-4 KBmm5692101901230
DLM/M-5 KBmm6522422181390
* depends on the drive
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