Liquid + Liquid

By Liquids we understand pumpable media. The INDAG High pressure mixer are suitable for these mixing tasks: DLM/S HP.

Application examples:

caprolactam + stabilizer, TiO2 solution

FETL polymer melt polyester

PET + phosphoric acid

polybutadiene phtalate + additives

Polybutene 1-polymer + stabilizer (hexane)

polyester resin + polyester resin

polyester polymer

polyester melt + water

polyol + polyol, binder

polyol + catalyser

polyurethane + isocyanate

PVA + water

PVC powder + dimethyl formamide

PVC powder + DMF

PAG + Lubricat

PAGG + lubricant or colour

TPE or PBT + additives

TPU reaction

silicone + silicone

silicone basic mass + colour

silicone basic mass + additives

silicone oil + water

silicone oil + desactivator

silicone paste + silicone oil

silicone polymer + desactivator

silicone polymer (inline heating)

hot melt glue adhesives

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