Liquid + Liquid

By liquids we understand pumpable media. The following INDAG mixer types are suitable for these mixing Tasks in environmental technology: DLM/KA or DLM/KS .

Application examples:

wastewater replenishment + FeCl3 or polymer

Dosing of liquid polymer for sludge dewatering

digested sludge + fat

River water treatment with FeCl3

manure + hay, straw, pasture, maize silage, beets

sewage sludge + polymer solution

decalcification of river water


polymer + water

polymer + oil

REA-water (CaSO4 and 2,8% Cl-)+ polymer

sludge + polymer

mud from digestate + polymer solution

sludge dewatering

drinking water treatment

Water + Iron (III) chloride, aqueous solution

Liquid + Gas

Application examples:

Dewatered digested sludge + water, saturated vapour

digestate of biogas plants + air

sludge + steam

sea water + compressed air

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