Liquid + Liquid

By Liquids we understand pumpable media. The following INDAG mixer types are suitable for these mixing tasks: DLM/MDLM/PDLM/S or DLM/H .

Application examples:

alkaline high viscous medium + lactic acid

ammonium nitrite + high viscous additives

antifoam + methanol

aramid fibres (refining)

BaSO4 slurry + aqueous solution

BaSO4 slurry + additive

bentonite suspension + sewage

petrol + resin

BHT + biodiesel

bitumen + sasobit (wax)

bitumen + rubber

bitumen + powdered limestone + perlite

bitumen rubber mixture

butane + butane/lye/water

demi water + aromatic phenols

demi water + palm oil

ester + viscose

water based colour + pigments dissolved in water

fatty acid + high viscous medium

urea based glue, urea solution + wax emulsion

resin + hardeners, accelerator

adhesive + isocyanate



latex + chemicals

latex foam + gelling agent

solvent wastes + glycerin

solvents, hot water + solvents wax premix

melamine resin + pentene

molasses + saline solution

NMMNO spinning solution + additives

oil + colour

Paraffin with thickening agents

phenolic resin + water

phospholipase + lecithin, water, ammonia, hydrogen peroxide solution

polyetherimide + dichloromethane

polyetherimide in dichloromethane + water with surfactant

polymer + coupler

polymer solution + water steam

polymer melt + binder

crude glycerine + caustic soda

residue solution + bitumen

sulphuric acid + water

soap + saline solution

suspension (lead deposit-agglomerate, activated carbon)

synthetic latex

tall oil rosin + turpentine

surfactants, lyes, acids

surfactant paste

animal fat + hot water or citric acid

dry cement + water

vacuum destillated asphalt + blown asphalt

different plant protection products

vinyl acetate, NMA + water, ethensulfonat

wax + water

water + coolant concentrate

water + flavourings, altrodextrin

water + FeCI3 or AI2SO4

water, emulsifier, stabilizer

water, nitric acid + kerosene

water, glycerin + HCI

biodiesel + HCI

biodiesel + acid process water

biodiesel + additive Infineum R 408

biodiesel + water

glycerin + water

glycerin, methanol + HCL

HCI + vegetable oil

HCI + glycerin methanol water soap mixture

methyl ester, glycerin, methanol, vegetable oil + methanol, glycerin, HCL

methyl ester, soap + water

oil, methyl ester, glycerin, methanol, water + HCI

oil, methyl ester, glycerin, methanol, + methanol, glycerin, HCL

oil + methanol

palm oil + methanol

vegetable oil + diesel

vegetable oil + methanol, glycerin

CPO + acid

soybean, rapeseed oil + phosphoric acid

methanol + CPO

methyl ester with methanol + water

miscella degumming

oil + acid

oil, fat + citric acid

oil, fat + washing water

palm oil + water

palm oil + demi water

vegetable oil + phosphoric acid

vegetable oil + citric acid

vegetable oil + caustic soda

phosphoric acid + oil

vegetable oil + washing water

rapeseed oil + phosphoric acid

rapeseed oil + fibril

rapeseed oil + hot water

rapeseed oil + citric acid

rapeseed oil + caustic soda

crude oil, water degumming in extraction

soybean oil degumming

sunflower oil and dissolved TriSyl

vegetable oil + phosphoric acid

vegetable oil, methyl ester, glycerin,

methanol + methanol, glycerin, HCL

concentrated liquid soap + water

liquid detergent + brightener and other components

washing-up liquid + colour

household cleaners + additives

basic material cleaner + surfactant, cleaner

cleaning agent + additives

thickened liquid soap + miscellaneous additives

detergents slurry

lecithin, water + ammonia, hydrogen peroxide solution

lecithin sludge, vegetable oil + hydrogen peroxide

lactic acid + high viscous medium

NaOH + raw glycerine

polyester fibre

PVAC latex

Sodium lauryl ether sulfate concentrate + water

softenol (oil phase) + mirenat (water phase)

Te water + concentrate

vestinol + ASEP

viscose (solution) + ester

viscose (solution) + colour

water + oil

water (50 %) + fat (25%) + protein and starch (25 %)

Liquid + Gas

High shear forces and relatively long residence times are needed to produce foams or to cook continuously with steam. For this task the INDAG intensive mixer type DLM / S or a dynamic mixer type DLM / M is used.

Application examples:

detergents slurry foaming up

latex compound + air

polybutadiene + steam

polymer solution + water steam

saline solution + oxygen

Liquid + Solids

The term 'solids' covers all non-pumpable media. These can be powders, granulates, or large particles. In order to continuously mix defined amounts of these into a liquid, we use our solid-liquid mixer type DLM / FS.

Application examples:

Water + zinc sulfide powder

Solvent with mineral acid + chopped straw or wood

Water + dry cement

Sunflower oil + TriSyl (powder)

EtOH or water + plant parts

Adhesive + powder mixture

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